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Majolica: decorative technique and lots of color!


Technically speaking, majolica is everything in the ceramic world that is fired at least twice.

The object, which will then be decorated, is forged by hand fromclay, and can be worked on a potter’s wheel or by applying the ancient “lucignolotechnique.

The execution of this process starts with assembling small clay tubes together, placed side by side, until the conceived and designed shape is defined. With clay, one can then also model full-length sculptures or bas-reliefs.

Very important is the drying stage, which must be strictly slow so as to avoid cracking. In fact, only when the object is perfectly dry can it be baked for the first time, at a temperature of about 940°C. The product obtained from this first baking is the cookie.

At this point one can proceed with glazing, using immersion or spray techniques.

The artifact can then be decorated and then fired again, for the second time, at a lower temperature than the previous one of 20°C.

It is at this stage that colors explode in all their luster and brilliance. Many of the hues shift, change hues and acquire light. It is a characteristic of oxides that, with vitrification due to firing, regain their original color.

And this is the most amazing part of decorating on majolica: seeing a decorative work change, delicate and opaque during execution, and then illuminated with an extraordinary brilliance after firing.

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