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Artigiani Creativi is the new place to learn, meet, and discuss craftsmanship, its world, techniques, tradition and innovation, design, and above all, ideas.

We will talk about craftsmanship, manufacturing and made-in-Italy products, styles, approaches, different personalities in the world of craftsmanship, each with their own background of experience and expertise, and their own universe of research and experimentation.

All this is creative craftsmanship, and the protagonists are creative artisans. Whether traditional workshop masters in historic labs or original designers working in contemporary, technologically advanced studios, or versatile decorators in elegant art ateliers.

Craftsmanship is beautiful because it is varied: it is the direct child of ideas, of thinking, of creating and designing, and as such it is by definition creative and unpredictable, personalized, unique but plural, with its thousands of techniques, and its thousands of ways of coming into contact with matter, to give it ever new forms.

After creativity, craftsmanship: another key topic.

From the dusty atmospheres of old workshops full of charm, amid lathes, cans of paint, plaster and glue, to the mesmerizing lattices and laser beams of 3D renderings, CAD design, technologically assisted modeling and prototyping. Craftsmanship is always and always a protagonist in handicrafts. And it cannot stop being.

Craftsmanship is the personality of the object, it is the signature of the artisan, its distinctive finish, the distinctive element that shapes and at the same time gives character to the artwork.

That’s why for us craftsmanship is idea + design + hand technique. And that is why this is what we choose to talk about, branching these themes into as many possible derivations, as many as there are creative artisans we will talk about, and as many as there are ideas they have.

So there is room for original ideas that innovate craftsmanship, but also for traditional techniques with consolidate it and renew its value by giving it firm roots.

And room for projects, for research, for everything that makes craftsmanship a laboratory for experimentation. Because to experiment is to experience, to live craftsmanship on your skin, to try, to attempt, to create and to recreate.

All this is craftsmanship. All of this is the ideas.

Happy reading and happy creativity–free, on Artigiani Creativi!