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Aquamarine crystal: the unique charm of natural geometries


Formerly given to man by a magnificent mermaid and mined mainly in Brazil, aquamarine crystal is a gemstone with delicate color shades and distinctive geometric shapes that give it uniqueness and preciousness.


Aquamarine gets its name from its hues similar to the reflections of sea water. The characteristic sky-blue color is due to the presence of traces of iron in beryl, a crystal that takes on different names (aquamarine, emerald, chrysoberyl and morganite) depending on the presence of chromophore substances in it. It is a transparent gemstone with an unmistakable brilliance and hardness. Its color can range from light blue to deep blue. The higher the saturation of blue, the greater its merit. Very rarely, however, does aquamarine attain a blue hue: it generally has a more or less strong blue color. Aquamarine inclusions testify to the natural origin of the gem. In fact, natural aquamarine undergoes no special treatment other than heat treatment to remove the secondary green tint from the crystal, which is often present in the raw material. Inclusions form during the crystallization process and, in themselves, do not necessarily diminish the value or beauty of the gemstone. These become hallmarks that make the gem even more beautiful and valuable, if they do not interfere with its durability.

Aquamarine crystal

Aquamarine crystal is distinguished from other gems by the geometry with which it crystallizes: not uniform but with very distinctive shapes, mostly hexagonal. It often incorporates substances with which it is in contact at the time of crystallization, instead of expelling them as it does in other crystallographies. Aquamarine is often given as a gift in pretty pendants or set in high quality handcrafted necklaces and rings, partly because of its supposed healing and beneficial properties in the field of crystal therapy. Although aquamarine is the most common mineral among those that provide stones of high commercial value, it possesses a coloration and charm that make it unique and inimitable. The jewelry pictured is made bycreative craftsman Silvano Zanchi.

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